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John Byrne MBE RGI Self Portrait 2011 Ink and watercolour, 8” x 12”

In this almost monochromatic painting where the artist is obviously looking at his own mortality, the challenge was to continue this mood through into the frame. By using a textured black gesso, distressed to match the painting’s tones, water gilded 13.5ct white gold leaf was laid on a green bole along the frame’s pencil lines, to echo the work’s dark ghostly feel in the frame.


John Byrne MBE RSA   Feegie Revisited 2010 Oil on board, 20” x 22”

The soft grey tones of the frame’s texture, gesso and the water gilded white gold blend with the painting’s background allowing the central image and bright colours of Byrnes three “Slab Boys” to successfully dominate the image.