Glass For Framing

Glass For Framing


Art Hire have always taken full advantage of the advancements in modern technology, none more so than in the choice of glass that we offer. We use 3 main types of glass;

Standard 2mm picture framing glass that has been the industry standard for many years. It is suitable for framing almost all types of artwork.

Clear Colour Plus is a 2.5mm low reflective glass that is ideal for dark artworks that are hard to see due to reflections. This should not be confused with the poor quality defused glass that is used by many “high street” framers up and down the country. It is so clear that clients are often surprised to discover that there is glass at all.

Clear Colour Plus UV offers the same low reflective qualities but has a filter blocking out up to 98% of harmful ultra violet light that can cause delicate works like watercolours or works on paper to fade. This is often referred to as “Museum Glass”