Joe Davie

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Joe Davie The Spirit of Adventure 1989, Acrylic on Card 36” x 48”

The graphic nature of this painting lends itself towards a very simple, boxy frame. The soft, curved surface juxtaposes the diagonal lines in the image and the dark brown stain blends with the lower part of the painting to accentuate the central image of the face. It’s a simple framing solution that works well.


Joe Davie Untitled 1990 Acrylic on card 36” x48”

Serendipity! This is a great example of a frame going totally wrong but working out fantastically well. The 13.5ct white gold leaf instantly tarnished when laid on the blue bole. Rather than redo the frame the client loved the effect that was created and the idea that the frame would change over time. Framed 15 years before this photograph was taken the tarnishing has certainly slowed to create a stunningly unique frame.