There are few things that can ruin your artwork more than the long-term effects of your mountboard choice. We frequently come across artwork that has been irreparably damaged by poor quality and inappropriate mounting. This can be from acid in the mount board seeping out to discolour the bevel, or worse going on to damage the artwork. Works with no backing being exposed to the frames acidic hardboard creating foxing marks, to double sided tapes and masking tape holding works in place.

The most frustrating aspect of these dangerous, poor quality mounts is that an acid free conservation board is only a few pounds more and a small fraction of the overall frame cost, but offers so much more protection and value.

This is why Art Hire insists on using high quality acid free conservation mountboards. Mark Greer spent a great deal of time researching which mountboard would offer the best protection for the artworks being framed. In the end it was an easy choice as he felt the Neilsen Bainbridge “Artcare” range is proven to be pro-active in protecting artworks. No greater testimony to it’s qualities can be found than at the National Archive in Washington DC who are using this product to protect the Declaration of Independence!

It is also essential that nothing other than acid free conservation tape come into contact with the artwork.