Victoria Cassidy

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Victoria Cassidy Egyptian Diary 1992 Watercolour 60” x 52

Collaboration between artist and frame maker are vital at the best of times. When an artist’s idea consists of 19 different shaped frames held in one huge hexagonal frame to match an ancient Islamic pattern it is essential. Understandably the frames had to be made first and the watercolours painted to fit. Given that the artist is the framer’s wife you could say that this frame was a true ‘labour of love’.


Victoria Cassidy Marriage of Opposites Oil on canvas board 12” x 36”

22ct moon gold leaf has a lovely seductive colour and tone – warmer than the silver of white gold and less bright than the more glitzy 24ct gold. It ties in perfectly with the soft tones and warm colours of this painting.


Victoria Cassidy Egyptian Pyramid” Watercolour, 24” x 18

The soft-waxed finish which is a mixture of walnut wax with a lime wax on top,  is very reminiscent of the tawny-like colour of the great pyramids and goes some way to extending the artist’s concept in the painting out onto the frame.